“Dreams” abstract commission

A local Golf club and hotel called Gatton manor, recently asked me to do a commission, of 6 abstract canvas for the Hotel. After a good chat and looking at what they wanted. The hotel came up with the theme dreams so i thought I could come up with something to fit nicely and was abstract but not to abstract as requested!.

keeping the colours light i used inks and salt water and oil to produce the paintings. they started as a quick spontaneous splashes of colour, but they then  became more, i need to have much more control over the colours and where they went than originally thought.

So this commission became more about the control, than i had planned and as our dreams are not that random, we can  control what we dream about just not usually in any kind of ordered normality, its more of a surreal other worldly experience.

Edited by: Nichola Rodgers a year ago

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