This latest work is based on research around the working class.



This is a mix of test pieces, where I have been exploring both materials and discarded things. to create stories and narratives with unrelated objects through photos, tableaux, sculpture and installation.


These are the latest pieces












For this present work I have been using a combination of a white wedding dress, which is dated to the early 70’s but has a medieval look about it, with Gold trim.

Along with a book I found called, Aristotle’s Master piece. The truth of the books origins is debated, as whether Aristotle wrote it or not, or if it was a copy of parts of his work..

I wanted to create a narrative involving these objects. As most of the book is aimed at women but is a mans idea of how a woman should marry, have babies, have sex, etc. at that time and is extremely outdated now.

The fabrics used were to be part of this work, but since a brief chat with a tutor, I am now rethinking it quite a bit. Either I will go with the objects as a whole installation, as my first idea intended, or I will be re looking at these things then pick out and pear the work back.




I have found that by creating lots of work, it allows you to see things on different levels and as people see it and talk to you about the work then new ideas and stories spring up and be developed. As I was told of the possibility of this work having a religious feel to it. With the colours and materials used. All these different readings of the work is what I like to see, that each person views something different within the same work.

studio space test pieces and are my thought processes which i have grown over the space of a few weeks.they are  creations with nostalgic ephemera and fond objects


latest test work, not sure where this is going yet or where it came from. so still exploring this.










these were the start of my balloon piece. experimenting with form and weighing down something that is meant to be light and floating, creating a form from a feeling of ‘finished,ended.’ For me these were not finished in this state and i needed something else to attach them to,this was the music tapes,as i needed to create a space that explored all aspects of these balloons, as you can see of the link of finalised piece.



IMG_3528.jpgThese were test pieces for an exhibition proposal for Remember Nature exhibition involving Gustav Metzger. One proposal was using seeds as an item that has been genetically modified and so with these I was looking for a way to insert this context. The seeds didn’t get picked, but I did try and realise this with the studio exhibition. The sleep fleece was being tested and proposed also for the same show. Through various forms and configurations with the wool. I came up with mixing it with industrial materials. To show how industry is taking over nature and blocking our view of the countryside. After several attempts and a lot of testing . I came up with a work that actually was better and more effective than I had expected.




This next test piece was using something i had made in first year and decided to go back to, as i really liked the forms of the shapes , organic in nature but created with manmade material. Placing them in nature around the country side showed how very un-natural they actually were. It was an unexpected result from this test piece and one i’m thinking of using in  the future with site specific installations.



the shells are something i am still working with , i’m trying to explore creating fake landscapes with them through placement and photography, i was also exploring the ideas of the being depicted as an expensive food item and juxtaposing that with a worthless item like, photos of time/clocks/blobs of paint/ball bairns. these are all the size of a peal but are worth nothing. I am still working on these.









Other test pieces

IMG_4119 this work was investigating fakery and images, enlarging this photo then pasting it to the floor, gave a different look and allowed people to question why, a brick wall would be on the floor.





IMG_3444.JPG IMG_3454.jpgThis work then started to progress and abstract further the more i  played around with the parts of the XBox. The insides proved to be the parts I ended up working with, removing something we don’t normally see and changing its context meant that something very different but also not really that far removed form the idea of gaming was created. These otherworldly dystopian, islands of disused constructions, were actually the negative space created from imprinting the circuit boards inside the boxes. These went on to be realised within and installation.


IMG_3336.JPG  at the start of the year i was using a broken XBox system I wanted to show how ephemeral products of this nature are, through using an extremely fragile material of industrial sand simply mixed with water.


IMG_3301.jpg creating different forms and mixing the sand with the hardware again exploring the nature of games and societies throwaway nature.

IMG_3389.jpg abstracting this further still by creating building blocks from the sand and water mix with just a little water based glue created forms that could be shaped and stood on but were also easily destroyed. mixing these with mouse traps i kinda wanted this to represent the traps of consumerism. This still wasn’t working for me.