Trade 2017 installation at Barge house exhibition

Mee Mawing, fragment, film and sound installation 2017 at Barge house exhibition



 fragment, bodyparts, 2017 paper, wall


“we are all just parts of one body” photography installation



Still 2, 2017 objects, painting installation 2017 natural, manmade



Trade , paper sewing patterns, installation 2016  Farnham Studio show

img_5698 img_5696


———– 2016 year 3 ——————————-


img_5559 ‘Still 1’                    img_5281    ‘Still ‘              img_5777


————–2016 year 3 ————————————

Masterpiece 3, 2016 mixed media painting, installation, tableaux

img_5826 img_5830   img_5827

‘My piece 3’ 2016 typewriter, canvas, paint, book ‘Masterpiece by Aristotle .

img_5832  ‘ My Piece 1″ Tin bath and fabric with oil and paint

img_5853 ‘My piece 2’ gold purse, with image of Aristotle, paint



img_4949 “Loft” 2016 mixed media




Grounded , 2016 metalic baloons, plaster, concrete, misuc cassettes.




View 2016 sheep fleece , builders mesh,





 “Dystopian ruins , a path to nowhere” 2016 gallery installation, sand, plaster, shower curtain,light.

 the plaster forms close up

 “Dystopian ruins, a path to nowhere” 2016 (the installation at Bath) sand plaster, other artists work.




img_2447 “Redox Creation” 2015, shown at The Hundred year gallery London



"Lady garden" 2015    “Lady Garden” 2015 



img_1669  “out of the ashes” 2015


img_1668 ” Out of the ashes” 2015

Screen print onto steel

winter fair Screen print onto paper



Mixed media college, that was then photographed and printed onto tracing paper,

img_1359“We choose not to see” 2015


private commission ink, salt and water on canvas.













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