This work is focused on the object and the Anthropocene. For Marx “only when an object is consumed does it shed its material nature and become a product” when this object is discarded and become a ruin or one with nature does it take on its previous material beeing or become something new? It is these questions I’m dissecting.


Trade – is my most recent piece completed November 2016. This work has been created from researching the cotton mills of industry near to where I am from. ladies would be the main workforce when they first opened during the industrial revolution. Wanting this work to show not just women back then, but also the amount of under paid, over worked women in this industry still today, just in other countries around the world. These pattern pieces are what is used to create garments, they are hung on sewing thread and just rest there like a trace of a person or skin, hanging in the space, with a slight lights to give another visual of a moment. This work is the start of a future project for my degree show piece.

img_5698 img_5696  ‘Trade’ 2016 paper pattern installation

———– 2016 year 3 ——————————-

Still- is reminiscent of a renaissance painting depicting still life with its vivid colour and object of nature. Dead in the middle, yet carrying seeds of life. Created as a sculpture with found objects, of a waste glasses holder with fabric, dried picked sunflower and an upturned tv stand, displayed like a marble sculpture upon a plinth. The photographed creates another style of image, floating in a virtual space like a piece from an archeological find.

img_5559 ‘Still’                    img_5281    ‘Still’              img_5777

————–2016 year 3 ————————————

This sculptural installation of tableaux is conceptual ideas around the contents of the book, both being anti women’s choices within relationships and child birth. A book attributed to Aristotle, but not confirmed. called ‘Masterpiece’ just the title itself dictates who should be in charge of the work.

img_5826 img_5830   img_5827

‘My piece 3’ 2016 typewriter, canvas, paint, book ‘Masterpiece by Aristotle .

img_5832  ‘ My Piece 1″ Tin bath and fabric with oil and paint

img_5853 ‘My piece 2’ gold purse, with image of Aristotle, paint

——————–2016 year 2———————————

img_4949 “Loft” 2016 mixed media

Ruins and waste are at the forefront of my work, this was based on waste found within my loft space, that had been hoarding things from me being young. collaged together to create traces and footprints. this was shortlisted from 3500 entries down to the last 300 for the Blooom art prize in Germany.

————————-2016 year 2 ——————————

‘Grounded” 2016 – is a piece of work that has been picked for three different shows, Crit show at Uni, Hex Education with Paul Vivian and Fircroft House Sculpture park and gallery with Frank Taylor.

It is a conceptual work using waste metallic balloons filled with concrete and tide with music cassette tapes. giving this work both installation vies and painterly landscapes, of something that has ended a weighty unmovable object, that in our minds should be free to escape.


———————-2016 year 2———————————-

This work was a chosen proposal for the Gustav Metzger, Remember Nature exhibition, in collaboration with Central St Martins and the Serpentine Gallery London. I wanted to restrict the view we had from the window, with a natural material, a conceptual work exploring the ideas of capitalism expanding and building into nature.

IMG_3528 IMG_3536 ” View” 2016 sheep fleece and builders mesh

———————- 2016 year 2———————————————

Conceptual installation piece, that was also chosen for FAB (Fringe arts Bath ) festival.

I wanted to take the insides of a piece of broken waste machinery this being an Xbox. To create a juxtaposition of a real space from a virtual space, back to a real space of wasteland.

 “Dystopian ruins , a path to nowhere” 2016 gallery installation, sand, plaster, shower curtain,light.

 the plaster forms close up

 “Dystopian ruins, a path to nowhere” 2016 (the installation at Bath) sand plaster, other artists work.

—————————————————— June  2015 year 1 ————————————————————————–

The selection of work below is finished pieces, from 2015, and the first year of my degree.

img_2447 “Redox Creation” 2015, shown at The Hundred year gallery London

This work started as I was researching Ruins of our modern machines. I created a monument, from the shell of a car in steel by aggressive deconstruction of its elements back to its raw state.

————- march 2015 year 1————————–

"Lady garden" 2015    “Lady Garden” 2015 

This work was created from researching conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp. It is a work exploring the pains of labour and menopause that women have to endure. Plaster, soil and Turf and sunflower seeds, that started to grown then die.

—————– jan 2015 year 1 —————————————

First year finished work based on a research study of the fairground and its people

img_1669  “out of the ashes” 2015

Abstract Plaster cast of tracks, traces left from the rides, and bonfire

img_1668 ” Out of the ashes” 2015

Screen print onto steel

winter fair Screen print onto paper

from original photo. Finished work from study of local fairground and its

————— oct 2015 year 1 ————————————-

Mixed media college, that was then photographed and printed onto tracing paper, this conceptual work was about the cocoa trade and child trafficking.

img_1359“We choose not to see” 2015

This is a range of pieces of artworks that have been finished for exhibitions, shows, or to be published works. These are also available on the main blog pages in the archives with more details.

By being alert to the everyday possibilities of these objects and what stories they could contain are what interests me. Whether the spaces are indoors at Bath fringe arts festival or out at Fircroft fine art fair I attempt to merge objects through installation, tableaux and a form of drawing with the object.

My previous work used objects to create an environment and change the viewer’s expectations of the meaning of each object, allowing the viewer to form their own opinions on the possible narratives within. I want to continue using objects to convey narratives, but through process and manipulation of the materiality of the object.



My most resolved work a dystopian installation, created with builders sand, printed screen and light with mounds of fictional internal Xbox towns, fake bricks.This piece has also been chosen to show at Bath arts festival, in June 16′


This work is the finished piece chosen for the Gustave Metzgar show. This allows a different perspective from every angle both inside and out. blocking the view.



Below are two photos taken over the summeChristmasistmas, they have both been published in various web base papers.



This is one of the last studio pieces to be exhibited, the balloon work and as you can see it takes up a large space and create connection with the floor wall and empty space in-between, creating movement and energy from a work that is showing the end of an era.


the ballon piece was also shown in the liner gallery at uni, although i don’t think this works as well, the colour clashes with the balloons and the wooden box, tends to stop the motion and energy within the work. as an end of days piece it does work a little.


This work is form my next exhibition at Fircroft gallery they really liked the photo but also have the option to use the object too.



this seed work was a rushed piece and i needed more seed (hard to get) and more time to create this. Also space was an issue, as to fully give this its due I needed to use a full room or wall.