Barge house exhibition film pieces explained

During my research of the Cotton Mills, I found out that the working women invented a common language so each other and not the hierarchy could understand them. This language was called Mee Mawing and was a form of lip reading and mouthing words with just long sounds and hand actions. This language is hard to find … Continue reading Barge house exhibition film pieces explained


Uni Exhibition, ‘Trade’ piece

‘Trade’ Nov 2016 (paper sewing patterns, & thread)        This is an installation of a collection of sewing paper patterns, something that is not used or known about that much unless your working in fashion. These particular ones are from an age the 30's to the 70's when the UK, particularly the North … Continue reading Uni Exhibition, ‘Trade’ piece

Bath Fringe Art festival

Bath Fringe Arts festival, This was an open call that I entered back at the beginning of the year. The actual event was in June so plenty of time to organise things should I be picked. (I wasn’t expecting to get picked but I did) My proposal was pretty straight forward it was to be … Continue reading Bath Fringe Art festival

Summer – Fircroft exhibition

curating and exhibiting, women artists locally

London Happening

London Happening, This was a task that I really didn’t want to be part off. A public Happening/performance art is not really my kind of artwork, but after researching it a bit more I became more open to the idea. Originally starting in the early 20th century with the futurists and Dadaists in Italy, and … Continue reading London Happening

Guardian Witness photo 

  Had this photo published recently with the Guardian, this is the third time I have had them publish my work. This photo was in Canada in the artist quarters of the city . A fab laid back area with lots of interesting people to photograph and lots of old building with character .

third crit exhibition

Preparing for the last crit exhibition was quite exciting as it was the first time I had a clear direction for my work. Playing with people’s expectations and relationships with objects and materials. Objects are signifiers and we all have pre conceived expectations and ideas about how objects should relate to each other,and how these … Continue reading third crit exhibition