started at GSA in Sept, this is the first time of blogging for a while, took ages to settle in and switched from sculpture to painting pathway (don't ask), never lived on my own before so moving up here without family is very strange, very quiet and i keep making way to much food! lots have … Continue reading GSA


Walk through caravan 

​​ This is a quick and a bit shaky clip of a walk through the caravan exhibit piece 

“Weesh thi wurr eer “

Walter Benjamin wrote “For every image of the past that is not recognised by the present as one of its own concerns threatens to disappear irretrievably”. History and its fragments stand as memories within the human mind, it is only when we confront fragments that memory is awakened, creating a surreal moment of connection with … Continue reading “Weesh thi wurr eer “

recent work

Final exhibition piece   My work and research within the cotton mills has taken me down a new route of investigation, and another language to add to my practice. The social class of the Lancashire people was vary varied, and very few had holidays even though the mills would close, may went on to work … Continue reading recent work

final BA exhibition research

Still, on the theme of the cotton mills and the working class women from them. My research has taken me to several places mainly in Manchester and smaller towns in Lancashire too. Quarry bank Mill a national trust property was really helpful in providing, me with lots of info and access to their archives of … Continue reading final BA exhibition research

Barge house exhibition film pieces explained

During my research of the Cotton Mills, I found out that the working women invented a common language so each other and not the hierarchy could understand them. This language was called Mee Mawing and was a form of lip reading and mouthing words with just long sounds and hand actions. This language is hard to find … Continue reading Barge house exhibition film pieces explained

Latest installation 

Mee Mawing (cotton Mill language) This work creates a juxtaposition of noise, interview and silent lip talking all fragments found in history relating to the traditional language invented in the Cotton Mills so the worker could talk above the machines and also so they could not be understood by the hierarchy.  ​​ Using film is … Continue reading Latest installation