For my last discussion about my work with my pieces, I didn’t realize how much of it keeps creeping back to women rights particularly for how we are told to conduct our body during childbirth and any reproduction problems.

My lady garden piece seemed to be the building block for this work. A piece that explores how myself personally and women generally are made to feel embarrassed or neurotic when it comes to explaining about reproductive pain and birth. Basically, anything to do with the woman’s genital area seems to be a taboo subject unless it is sexually oriented and geared towards voyeurism.

The Lady Garden work was two years ago, but the subject came about again when I found a book called Aristotle’s masterpiece, again a man dictating how a woman should act, in relationships, in birth, and as a working midwife. Yes, the book is old but some of its practices and still done today which is shocking. These conceptual works are a group of works that relate to different event within the stated role of women during the conception and event of childbirth


This work which I called “Masterpiece 1, 2, and 3” are a dissection and an aggressive assault on the writings within, mixed with my own feelings on childbirth.

I have since found that there is a whole collection of artists who are also exploring childbirth for women with contemporary art. It is called the Birth rites collection.

Founded by two women which aim to facilitate new art to bring this taboo subject to the forefront of the creative sector. I aim to get in touch with this group and see if it is possible to stage an exhibition locally.


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