This is a round up of a day visiting, several galleries with the tutors. My first impressions were, these are all commercial galleries, with work in that has very little depth to it. There were only a few that had anything worth really looking at. Another point was also that most of them were full of painting or illustration. Which I do like, but which also we have been discouraged from doing through out the whole of this contemporary fine art degree at Farnham. So why they are now asking us to look at this work I don’t know.


Anyhow, the first show I saw was Neo Rauch, an acquired taste I think, a selection of large and small paintings. This is one that I think would grow on you the more you saw it. German and Surrealism came to mind before I even know anything about this artist, which means I must be learning something.


I felt these works although colourful in a muted way had darkness to them. A twisted sense of the future mixed with a torment of the past. Man and beast, alien shapes with industrial architecture. The narrative within these paintings has a feel of a fairy tale or mythical story, like he is mixing some strange nightmare with a dystopian future.

Love it or hate it,it is one defiantly worth seeing.

Marcel Dazama & Raymond Pettibon This comb of artists worked really well, again something that is not to everyone’s taste. This work to me felt like I was walking through a teenager’s sketchbook, full of angst and daydreaming. There is a mix of energetic sketches and drawings creating in an illustrative way. Many created directly onto the walls. These surreal images have an edge of playful surrealism about them with a very masculine sci-fi edge.



One show I did not like was by Peter Saul called “some terrible problems” terrible is one word I would use for these works, not only did I feel it hurt my eyes it also hurt my head. Saul is a self-professed piss-take of pop art, expressionism and anything else in-between. To me this isn’t worth the eye stain it’s more like a very bad Simpson’s episode being watched high as a kite and still hating it enough said!


Sade Coles was another that had some interesting art to look at, as it was a mix of several of the artists they represent. One that took my interest was Uri Aran although a multi disciplined artists it was his mixed media paintings/drawings that took my interest. They were full of gestures and movement within an enclosed space creating both systems and hierarchies. Through these gestures he performs a style of narrative that is interchangeable.



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