If you have ever wondered about conceptual art then you could  watch a program shown recently on the BBC called Who’s afraid of conceptual Art? BBC programme link

This was an interesting small in site into the works of the first conceptual artists from the beginning of the century, with a splattering of female artists and a few more present day artists. As a quick way of finding out about conceptual art it was ok. I guess, but if you are after a good more in-depth view  of conceptual art, covering all areas and eras, then this isn’t for you. It didn’t cover  any recent internet or social media based artists, or any really controversial / performance artists . It is barely touching on this vast and ever changing area of the art world.

Its an area of art where the object became the vessel for the idea. The result of the categories of art becoming loose and the boundaries became dismantled and merged, from the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s where lots of different forms became relevant the likes of Body art, Performance, Land, Environmental, Art Provera, Process, Anti-Form and Conceptual, photography at the same time.  Since then these forms have been cross pollenating each other. As artists now are moving further into the realms of virtual space, the object as a vessel is now becoming the more lucid and surreal. web based conceptual art



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