Bath Fringe Arts festival,

This was an open call that I entered back at the beginning of the year. The actual event was in June so plenty of time to organise things should I be picked. (I wasn’t expecting to get picked but I did)

My proposal was pretty straight forward it was to be exactly as I showed in to photo on the proposal form or so I thought.

I should have know this would be a difficult and challenging exhibition, as soon as they started trying to change the work I had proposed and in future I will bare this in mind.

So they wanted me to omit one part of the work and reduce the size quite a bit. This I agreed with. Then things got trickier, It was an installation that had its main material to be sand, they wanted me to omit the sand??!!

Alarm bells should have started then, and they did eventually. After talking to several people at my end I decided to look at this as a completely new piece of work and nothing related to the original idea. That would be the only way I could justify doing the show.

So I agreed and every thing went ahead. They did eventually agree to some sand, so that was a plus. We had been told there was funds available for materials/ travel should we need it. Then when any one asked it was refused?

I managed to get a local company to provide the sand and they were to collect it again after the show.

Setting up the show was a challenge because the space they actually gave me was bigger than they first said! The curator of the show was also an artist and was more concerned with him dictating that he is the curator what he says goes!

Than actually seeing the art works for what they were he wanted the whole show to become him own work of art.

As many of the works were crammed together so some were to close to see what belong to whom. Non of the work had labels or even an info sheet until the last weekend of the two week show and there was no proper invidulator. Several of the other artists were complaining at the open night.

Over all a badly organized show that I will put down to experience.










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