Tutorial 26th feb 2016


This week’s tutorial was with Paul Johnson, a sculptural artist. I hadn’t had a tutorial with him before so I thought this would be good to get other ideas and perspective on my work.

We had been scheduled to have individual tutorials, but we ended up having a group one all morning which I found quite interesting and helpful to see and contribute to.

Getting feedback on my work from fellow students who I hadn’t had crits from was also really helpful.


The Balloon work, had mixed reviews, saying it was nostalgic, holding on to something, decayed, and the most surprising was even thought the items were discarded that the work still had a life to it bringing it into the present rather than an image of the past.

We all discussed how my interest lies in making the viewer reencounter the object of the past by reinserting it along side other objects of otherness, thus re-contextualizing there meanings.

Paul talked about the heightened reality of my photos and using them within my work, or using the ideas for other ways of showing the installations, like re-imagining the balloons, the same way I did with the Xbox parts to create a Heightened, sharper focus.


Casting them creates a new context to the original object focusing on the stylization.

Paul also has an interest in OOO, object ontology and has been reading and talking with the very people I have been watching and reading, and we both happened to mention Hyper Objects, as an ecology regarding environmental disasters, as an interest within both our work. Although I did mention that this is something new to me that I am still investigating.


We discussed where are objects in people’s minds, as with the digital age where fleeting images pass through the mind at a fast pace, and how we don’t find time to stop and really look anymore, and how is that relevant within my work.


Do I want to make people stop and question the objects in relation to their own expectations or do I want them to be a quick thing they just see and go?


Becoming aware of the cultural aspects of the moment, within an object. And how do I explore that? Looking at its past? Or objects of the present and how quickly they become obsolete?



via Haim Steinbach.



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