this artist is someone I have been looking at and also help along with my interest in ruins and the discarded object inspire some of my work at uni recently, really enjoyed reading this.

the literate lens

Ventura_BalloonsNostalgia is a potent force. We long for lost times, people we’ve left behind, a former self. Or perhaps we fantasize about paths not taken, ideas left unexplored. Either way, the process of aging makes these thoughts unmistakably bittersweet. We weave fiction and memories until the two become indistinguishable.

Paolo Ventura’s work lies at the intersection of fantasy and nostalgia. The Italian-born photographer creates scenes that evoke the past in a way that’s rich, dream-like and occasionally surreal. Ventura does this by painstakingly creating miniature sets—dioramas into which he places realistic dolls and props—then photographing them. The result is a delicious hybrid that veers between reality’s sharpness and the strange logic of dreams.

Ventura2What makes Ventura’s work sing, though, is its narrative quality. Brought up on stories (his father was a well-known children’s book author), Ventura seems to have a natural gift for narrative. Each of his pictures is its…

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