this is perfect for my study of OOO object oriented ontology


I’m not one to claim ownership over my language. I have not yet succeeded in working off my debt to the language with which I speak. I still owe it everything. I suspect I will always owe it everything. Words exist in an ecology of knowledge, a gossipy network of promiscuous and often comedic-tragic ties. Words are only ever bastard children, brought forth repeatedly through unknown mothers and by absent fathers. Who am I to claim a word? I am but a word myself. Once uttered, words reverberate in a world all their own.

And what about decentering the human (anthro-de-centrism)? I am all for it. Human and humus (earth) have both been set into motion. We are no longer at the still center of things–rather, we ourselves are things. I don’t see anthrodecentrism necessarily leading to nihilism or atheism. I think we can look at the de-centering of our…

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