via Alternative art education: Islington Mill Art Academy – investigating what artists need « a-n The Artists Information Company.

this link shows us another way to get educated in the arts industry and its a question i have been asking my self a a lot recently as i’m on this journey of getting my art degree at such a late stage in m life.

Is it an indulgence? No its not, as I’ve had to give a lot up to do this, as have my family.

Is it something I have always wanted to do ? Yes from being very young, but life had a different path for me.

Is it something we have to do as artists? well the industry would have you think that especially within contemporary art through out the cities, and art galleries it all seems to be about having a 1:1 this is all they seem to want to know about and the “degree show ” . Yes you get the odd self taught rebel making it within the industry, but they are few and far between.

why are so many art uni’s scared of breaking free from the norm? they set their own courses. Isn’t that what being an artist is about ? showing a different take on the norm , learning a different way, bringing new ideas, theories and ways of seeing the world?  They are constantly telling us to question capitalism, while all along they are towing that very path and taking us along with them. No wonder we struggle to develop our art practice within the institution of a uni .

it is up to these uni’s to take a stand and step out of line to create an environment that student artists can grow, learn and develop without, stress and constraints. It can work the link on here shows us that.

Am I going to carry on this cycle?  I’m really not sure now. What I am doing is questioning but myself and my uni a lot.




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