Well had the first crit of the balloon work, with Jonathan Parsons. He really liked the work and said it was very beautiful which was nice to hear, as the other main tutors don’t give you much encouraging feed back. He did say it was very resolved, and as i have been asked to show this again in a very different area, Wanted to know how I was going to approach that. We discussed the space it was going in and how i might adapt this work into a new piece.

As the original work was produced to change peoples expectations of objects and create new narratives within the space. i needed to think of a way of recreating those same feelings and narratives but in a completely new way, as the new space is very different, it has a new coloured background , placed on a plinth of a type and the theme of the show is “Hex education Hour” based on the sex pistols album cover, it will be a dark, dystopian theme to the show,and end of the party /show theme.



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