I have just had a tutorial for artist Jonathan Parsons, This was unexpected as I hadn’t been scheduled to do a tutorial but as he was free due to no shows, i grabbed my chance. I am glad I did, he has clarified things within my work that others hadn’t and pointed me to several new artists, I only wish I had recorded it, as my memory is crap, and my notes illegible but what i did get from it was that, I am doing the right thing and I shouldn’t be going to deep into theory.I should be looking at why I’m doing things and where that is coming from, my influences and why they interest me.

We discussed the value of materials and peoples expectations of objects,and how objects are signifiers. we talked about peoples visual experiences of objects and environments both within and outside of art.

He really liked my photography which is the first time anyone has mentioned it within the context of using it for a work to show.

one of the artist he recommended i look at was Mat Collishaw. I don’t know why I had’t seen his work before or been told about his work. Although his themes are slightly different, his working ideas and mediums and the use of nature and texture are very similar. though mine are on a student budget.



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