I have always had a keen interest in photography and how it holds time and space still in a moment. It always feels like i am taking away a little bit of that place,or person, and keeping it contained within the frame of the photo. only to be released a little at a time when the image is seen.

Our world is moving so fast and constantly creating ,consuming,regurgitating and destroying the life it contains. I want to capture what I see and feel quickly, and black and white photography shows us much more of how we should be feeling, it makes us see more, it holds the gaze longer.

By using black and white photography  it allows me to create a distance between myself the camera, the viewer and the image. All of my images have had something taken from them, the colour I have purposefully shot in colour then removed it.Playing with the light and negative spaces draws the eye to tones, composition and reflection. Instead of the noise and distraction of the colour.

They are images not of people or places but of time and spaces.

this is a selection of recent photos i will try and add more as i take them.





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