Frank Stella Review

Frank Stella,


Exhibition at the Bernard Jacobson gallery


Frank Stella’s is one of the most prominent living American Artists; he is know for his ever-evolving practice where he pushes the boundaries of art. This is a range of abstract paintings and sculptures, influenced by the writings of Kleist, which explore Stella’s best topic of space, scale and composition.

The first work you see is the imposing and colourful 13-meter painting, that is reminiscent of a pop up book as the colour and style is almost 3D.

It fills one wall of the gallery, with six other sculptures surrounding the space.



Some of the sculptures are related to music sonatas, their relationships to the music is one of visual rhyme and abstraction. Stella said, “if you were to be able to follow an edge” of a given work visually “and follow it through quickly, you’d get that sense of rhythm and movement that you get in music”.


Others are named after archeological sites form 7000-6000BC. The sculptures are created in a way to represent the archeological process. Through sand casting and found objects. They are also kinetic due to being mounted on rings so they can moved to any angle.

Viewed 2 times.

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