Well, I have been pleasantly surprised how well the travelling gallery went . Most of the art institutions i approached have welcomed my art project, and allowed me to perform my work with the public with free reign throughout the park and galleries.  

I have never before done art like this before, and engaging the public was hard at first, people seem to doubt, that you genuinely have something nice for them to do or try. Has this world become such a bad place that the first this that pops into someones head when approached is 

“what do you want from me?”,”will it cost me?” and “why?” 

Thankfully not everyone was like that, and having the opportunity to do this within different art institutions, different towns and cities, has brought up some interesting choices. Even the weather seemed to play a part in peoples choices.

The first park on my journey was The Yorkshire Sculpture Park a loverly vast 500 acre park full of contemporary sculpture with two indoor galleries. Here I moved around the park with the box gallery, engaging peoples interest in the art, explaining about what I’m doing and why. 

The second place The Bluecoat contemporary art  institution, agreed to me showing at last minute and i was great full as it had been planned for outside, but the rain was so bad!

Here the choices of the public were slightly different they tended to pick darker toned work, maybe reflecting on the wether of the day?

The next venture on the galleries travels in Cass sculpture park in Chichester. 


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