Grit Schwerdtfeger ZEHN (Ten)

Over a one-year period, German photographer Grit Schwerdtfeger took photographs of her ten-year-old son, Lorenz. What began as Lorenz’s idea to see himself develop evolved into a contemporary document; the photographs demonstrate the closeness and distance between mother and son. By integrating the photograph into their daily routine, the excitement and desire of sitting for the photo lapsed. The action became equivalent to any other daily task, performed without question or desire, and sometimes with aggravation, simply out of necessity.

These photographs may at first seem rather mundane and i did over hear some saying well i could have done this they are just family photos. But these photos are different in a way as they have been done every day for a whole year, making more of a job to do than a simple happy snap on the spur of a moment.

Both parties had be together and the emotion in some as the mood changes is quite noticeable. As with all children we see them grow every day, but to see the relationship between child and mother/photographer, looking more deeply into the growth and connection or distance, is slightly unnerving too.  

I really enjoyed seeing this exhibition.  


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