Radha Chaddah : Exodus

This art work I stumbled across when out for a walk in a part of Toronto i wished id seen earlier in the trip. 

Her resume includes B.A.s in Art History and Film and Human Biology, as well as a Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology. Chaddah combines her passions for art and science in her imaginative cell photographs and multi-media installations. She uses her research science experience to grow stem cells in a laboratory and then photographs them using laser light. Her work aims to highlight the beauty of the unseen parts of the world, creating compelling two-dimensional works that appear both abstract and thoughtful. In addition to exhibiting her works in dozens of venues, she has lectured at the Ontario Science Centre, Sheridan College, and other institutions. Radha was also voted one the 10 best Canadian photographers. So I really felt privileged to see her work close up and have a really long chat about what she does.

The combination of science and art is something i have always felt goes hand in hand. Then to use science to explore the nature of art and life is exciting to see. Using her experiences to bring to light the wonders of nature that we do not see, stem cells, chemical reactions, light and abstraction work well together within her work.


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