1 – Can you tell us about what your are working on at the moment and what informs it?

The London exhibition is my main focus at the moment. I’m working on creating a freestanding spatial figurative landscape using the metal shell of car parts.

These were chosen to show that these parts are the skeleton of the vehicle that we use to protect us while moving through space at speed but these parts are also what kills and maims us. It’s these processes of change and how it evolves within a space that interests me.

By altering the parts using both natural and manmade processes via corrosion and chemicals changes its identity.

It is looking more like scrapheap challenge in my garden but you can see progress with the chemical reactions to the fire and water.

Of my many interests one is ruins and decay not in the “ruin porn” style of work as one tutor said (but then again who doesn’t like a little porn 😉 But in the chemical changes involved and how this decay alters its environment, and the space it occupies.

It’s the process of breaking down and deconstructing the elements, using both natural and violent acts to create unrecognizable and interesting forms within the space that interests me.

2 – How do you think your work has developed over the course of the 1st year at UCA Farnham?

I feel my work has chanced quite a lot, this year. It has not only been a year of learning about contemporary art, and the many aspects of what is involved with drawing.

 It has also been a year of growth for me as a person and as a mature student artist. The work has become much more informed and abstract, producing work I never thought I could and have been able to push the boundaries of what I can do, and stepped out of my comfort zone on several occasions.

3 – What is you most enjoy about UCA Farnham Fine Art?

There are many things that I both enjoy and find challenging!

I would have to say that the diversity within the styles of art produced by the students is what I enjoy seeing most, and how we are left to explore and develop our practice, within the studios.

The amount of visiting artists is really enjoyable. Having that external input helps me to see my work in a different way, I like drawing on their experiences as practicing artists.

4 – What practical and personal skills have you developed this year?

Practically I can now use metal working tools, which has helped me push myself to work on metals and mechanics more.

Both Printing skills and mould/plaster work has also been extremely helpful, with my sculptures.

Personally, I’m now much more confident and organized with what I can and want too do within my practice.

I have also learnt how to document and explore different avenues within my work and how all my work connects.

5 – How have you found exhibiting your work?

I don’t like the pressure and the prep! But who does?!?

What I do like is seeing everyone’s work up. When a work is finished I do find it quite energizing and gives me the push to progress further.

6 – How do lecturers and technicians support you at UCA Farnham?

The lecturers are extremely supportive although I do feel slightly disorganized at times, but have really helped to inform my work. Having the diversity within the group of lecturers is good and much needed. I don’t think it would work as well if we didn’t have that diversity and dynamic between the tutors.

edge of their subjects as well as the patience’s needed to cope with students who don’t listen! It doesn’t seem to matter what problem you throw at them they do seem to come up with solutions, which is great for my sculptures.

7 – What would you say to anyone thinking of studying at UCA Farnham Fine Art? .

I didn’t know what to expect as a mature full time student with no experience within the university environment. I will say I am so glad I did take that very scary step. The facilities and the support you get is much better than I was expecting.

What I will say is this is not an “art degree” it’s a “Contemporary Fine Art Degree”.

You will enjoy it but you will also be pushed to you limits and out of your comfort zone. It is challenging but everyone works together to get you through it.

8 – What are your future plans on the course?

Going into year two will be a brand new challenge. I know that this year is where I develop my practice, and going forward I intend to keep exploring material/chemical elements and processes within mechanical spaces through my sculpture, photography and mixed media work.  


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