This week I have been working on a few of the prints I did for drawing week, on sequence and series .

My Work has moved on quite a lot for the drawing unit, From producing work to represent what I’ve seen or would like others to see. To then progressing onto how each time we look at an art work/image/person, we see them differently, its these layers i want to both build up on and unpick and explore, through both print and sculpture.

This Piece of text in the notes we were given I feel explains the space in between our own sequence of layers and perceptions .

‘What a Book Is

A book is a sequence of spaces. Each of these spaces is perceived at a different moment—a book is also a sequence of moments. A book is not a case of words, nor a bag of words, nor a bearer of words.

—Ulises Carrión, “The New Art of Making Books,” in Artists’ Books: A Critical Anthology and Sourcebook, ed. Joan Lyons (New York: Visual Studies Workshop, 1985), 31. ‘

I found Juliana Borinski: The Dark Mirror very interesting and somewhat similar, as with each layer, the image is seen differently.

layering of the images is like the layers of own life onto of each other constantly changing how we are seen . In previous work I have layered, lino prints over old film reel.

Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Carceri, Plate XI, 1761 (later state) One of 16 etchings of imaginary prisons

His etchings are intriguing as they are make-believe but with all that we see in this hyper real world of tech, they could possibly also be real.

photo from the British Museum web site

My prints have gone through several processes. using a sequence of materials, starting with a photo that is copied, then this has been etched, printed, photographed again, then working into with oil paints and inks. My process is my sequence of events to produce the finished work. These are not yet finished but are not far off.

Like with Baudrillard’s theory there is no longer a distinction between reality, the original image and its representing image, or simulacrum.(this is finally sinking in for me to get my head round it. I think!)

It is always a copy, and that’s what I am exploring at the moment, An image reproduced and represented in various drawing methods and mediums.

The subject matter always being the same, but the way it is seen is different each time.

Our underlying identity is the same but our view of the image or any image for that matter is never true to the original. Both outside influences and our own internal perceptions are constantly in flux and so our view will also be in constant flux. Our perception of an image today, will be different tomorrow.

Can you truly know what you are seeing or know a person or even ourselves ? we think we know ourselves. So many are constantly searching for something but what? and would we truly know it if we found it? are we not all just reproductions of our ancestors and our past experiences influence how our mind reads what we see.


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