Ok so firstly can I say I gave Grant a hard time  about this task with everything else we have to do. But I actually enjoyed doing it, wether I like the finished piece I don’t know yet, or even if it’s finished.

I have been looking at Katy Moran along with other collage artists, using layering process and textures to produce work, using layers of paint, glue + materials another push for me was also to use a little florescent colour but I’m not sure about that.

One of my old paintings has been lying around for weeks and although I liked and it wasn’t finished, lots of other’s didn’t like it, mainly tutors.

So I decided to take drastic action about it and i ripped it up to use for the quick two hour piece. this I then layered, with other items to hand that had some kind of meaning / association within the original work. So I kind of started with a narrative and process, but I did allow the process to take over allowing the narrative to change and blend into the back ground. So the narrative is there in the background and I know its there but its not obviously read into the work.

Katy works by using some of her old canvases and starts to work into them from different areas layering textures, so the painting does not necessarily have a right way up until is finished.

I found the whole process quite successful and enjoyed just running with it, although it probably is still a bit to controlled but with time and material restrictions this wasn’t possible.

At the moment its on the floor which is a problem and the size could be much bigger, this could be worked on more.

I have been suggested to look at Alberto Burry and Rauschenberg who also used surface and materials in unusual ways.

I am looking to take forward the material process and exploring tactile textures along with how narratives are lost within my work.


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