This week we have had workshops in several things I decided to take a printing workshop covering dry point etching.I had done some of this in the past but wanted to see if it was a medium that I could use in my practice in the future. The workshop was quite helpful in identifying what I do and don’t enjoy doing. Although my work always involves a process, this has to be something where I see results quickly and the dry point etching on the plastic worked best for me, although I am a messy worker and do like things to look used and thrown together, the print tech was not so impressed with that! 

From this I acquired several different prints which I quite like but it was then where do I go from here???? After a chat with Paul who wasn’t keen on the prints and thought I needed to work back into them to give them depth and a chat with Amanda and Claire who then found them interesting as they were?? 

Personally I know they are not finished I just needed a push and a good chat with tutors  as which way my work is going after doing sculpture for the past two exhibits. 

Over the past two weeks I think I have had around four tutorials which has been both good and confusing a little, as now I feel I want to go back to my first instinct when we did the first show of abstract expressionist collage/painting .

My work seems to be more about process and this is also the feed back I keep getting. Im interested in re-presenting both the every day events of life and experience along with shapes in nature in a different way. So wether thats dead sunflowers in plaster representing the female reproduction or chocolate shaped children in body bags of chocolate wrappers, or simply and abstract print of a car crash. It is my way of expressing what I see and how i see it, as for the viewer I also like to let them decide for themselves what my work is about, or what they see within it. 


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