I know she wasn’t lost and was briefly part of YBA’s, but I have just found out about her and really enjoying what Im finding out!

I had heard about a shed that was once blown up for an art
piece and remember thinking that was interesting, but at that time I never
really investigated it further, and wasn’t in a position to pursue my art

Cornelia Parker was that artist as I recently found out from
an article that drew my interest in The Observer about her as she is showing in
the newly opened Whitworth art gallery at Manchester Uni. If it were nearer I certainly would be going to this exhibition.

After a bit of research I found a you tube clip from the BBC
regarding ” what artists do all day” . They followed Parker round for a day to
see how she worked. I was quite surprised to see we have similar ideas with
constantly looking and taking photos of random street signs or cracking in the
road or a dilapidated building etc…

 Her work is about
using these images or found objects she finds and tweaking them, abstracting and
re –presenting the image or item, pointing something out in them that then
changes how we look at that object, she does this until it builds up into a

Parker’s work is a sculptural process, imputing or
extracting, the finished work is a record of both process and material. This is a method I am also trying out within my work.

AS with her piece where she moulded the cracks in road, this
worthless empty space became a tangible tactile object being made into a solid
using expensive bronze, the whole process of this transformation is all part of
her work.

30 pieces of silver was also done with a process in mind,
after having collected all these used silver items over a period of time.
Parker then put them all through the same process at the same time almost like
an instant death being steamrollered in one long silver line. These were then
suspended on fine threads so each hung next to the other into 30 circular sculptures,
these were 30 coins – “30 pieces of
silver” that looked like they have been shattered into pieces, each I noticed
casted a shadow that seems to me to tell a different story again. Although; I
have only seen these in pictures, so cannot comment fully.


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