Photomontage is a kind of collage that is composed primarily of photographs or fragments of photographs in order to direct the viewer’s mind toward specific connections. These photographs are glued on a surface.

Hannah Höch’s (German, 1889-1978) Cut with a Kitchen Knife through the last Weimar beer-belly Cultural Epoch of Germany (1919-20)

shows us a mixture of modernism (lots of machinery and high-tech stuff of the period) and the “New Woman” through images taken from theBerliner Illustrierte Zeitung, a well-circulated newspaper at that time. This photomontage comes from the Dada movement (those anti-art agitators), and we see the word “Dada” just above a photograph of Albert Einstein on the left side. In the center we see a pirouetting ballet dancer who has lost her head, while someone else’s head levitates just above her lifted arms. This floating head is a photograph of the German artist Kathe Kollwitz  (1867-1945), the first woman professor appointed to the Berlin Art Academy.


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