A chance email to her gallery followed by a personal invite and an exceptional opportunity to visit Nina Murdoch’s home studio. She is a British painter, winner of the first Threadneedle Prize,and a  Slade School of Art graduate, followed by a postgraduate diploma at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. 

Her work was first introduced to me by a college tutor, then seeing her work up close, I became really drawn to find out more about her technique of layering paint texture and colour to create emotive landscapes of light, atmosphere and colour.

 The studio setting is quite sublime and quiet for a London court yard garden studio, set at the end of the small lawn and among the flower beds. A single brick built room with small sink at one end, just big enough the house her enormous canvases of which there are several. 

In one corner sits the archetypal wooden artist chair rough around the edges, old, used and splattered with dry splurges of paint, plaster and gesso. On the wall behind quite neatly arranged are her inspirations and ideas for the moment. This is a lot neater than I had expected for a practicing studio, but she does need the space for sanding and layering her paint.

At the other end is a rather quaint and medial looking cabinet. This hides all the colour pigments used to produce her light emitting canvases. Bottles lined up, waiting and ready like an alchemist potion. These vibrant colours  are mixed with egg tempora, then layered and sanded back each canvas  layered over a period of several months before it is ready.

All her latest work are landscapes of her local area of south London. These are carefully planned measured and mapped out in sketch books before work is started.

Being invited to see an artist at work along with some of her work in progress and not yet ready was a real privilege for me.

this is a link to her gallery web site



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