Back in 2012 the RA put on Bronze an exhibition i could not miss ! 

Professor David Ekserdjian, the exhibition’s curator, put together more than 150 bronze sculptures from all over the world. They span years and continents, but they all demonstrate the versatility and magical properties of a medium that has inspired artists over the years. All human life is here, cast in bronze. It was a moving and inspiring walk through viewing some of the greatest art in the world.

the sculptors work I had intended on viewing first were anything Leonardo had a hand in,Matisse figurative sculptures along with many others 

sadly Leonardo never finished his only attempt at bronze sculpture, a colossal horse he tried to cast in Milan. That would have been a wonder to have seen. there was however a group of three towering figures that usually stands high on the baptistery in Florence, this is by his friend Giovan Francesco Rustici. But it was claimed Leonardo collaborated with Rustici on this masterpiece. 

The sculptures were organised in themes rather than chronologically, which made for unique viewing of how different artist from vastly separate eras depicted similar themes of every day life and philosophy .

this is an exhibition very different form any other and one i will not forget 


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