Anselm Kiefer exhibition at the RA. 

This was an exceptional show of Kiefer’s work spanning several years.

From the enticing taster out side the show of a floating wolf pack of subs, to the maze of floor to ceiling canvases at the end.

Kiefer’s work is a walk through his life and ideas on German theology, poetry and a forgotten history as he grew up post WW2. Himself looking for the meaning of why we are here, where do we go after, and how we evolve in the world.

His work is extremely textural and full of symbolism  his use of dead sunflower heads full of seeds, throughout his work represent both death and rebirth. This is a subject he touches on a lot within his work, collecting and  reusing things he find, or constantly re-working his paintings to give birth to new work.

To see this work up close was amazing for me the shear size of the work and the way it was curated really made the work stand out and flow from one room to the next. I only wish there had been more seating to sit and sketch for longer, and we had been able to take photos, properly !  


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